What are window fashions?

This essentially refers to the window coverings, or what is covering your windows and providing privacy and light control. The most common types of window coverings are blinds, shades, drapery, and shutters.

When you’ve been sitting around thinking about replacing the old, worn out, cheap blinds or shades that don’t really stay up like they used to (or require quite a bit of finesse to get them to stay up), then you want to think about three essential components.

  • Style
  • Functionality
  • Convenience


The most important thing has to do with style. If you’re not pleased with the type of window covering you have in your home, then nothing else is really going to matter. The windows attract attention right away when people walk in the room. There’s an innate desire to connect with the outside world and the next time you step into a room again, pay attention to where your eyes travel.

Most likely you’ll notice the windows, the lawn or trees outside, or how much light is pouring in. Because of this, it’s incredibly important to have the optimal window treatments (coverings) in place.


Window coverings are meant to offer great style, but they’re also meant to be used. What good are window blinds that don’t open or close easily? You deserve blinds or shades that make life easy and convenient for you and your family.

You can also choose motorized blinds and drapery, which can be a great asset when you enjoy just pressing a button and having things open and close for you! Now that’s great functionality.


It should be convenient to control the window coverings for light control and privacy. If you end up with window treatments that are bulky and difficult to use, you’ll be less apt to even want to deal with them in the morning. This can leave your home feeling dark and unwelcoming.

When you’re looking for new window coverings for your home, pay attention to these essential components and you’ll end up with the optimal shades or blinds for each room in your home.