There are probably a number of questions you have when shopping around for new window blinds, and one of them could very well be whether or not you’ll install them yourself. It’s a common question and while many skeptical homeowners may believe every company is going to recommend a professional installer to do the work because they want to maximize their profits, that’s simply not the case, at least not with every company.

You could head down to your local home improvement superstore where you can find just about anything and everything you could possibly want (and hope for) for your home and run back and install those items yourself, but the quality of products you find there (for window treatments, windows, doors, and so much more) is not the same.

These mega stores have made believers out of a lot of homeowners. They believe they can ‘do that’ for their home, too. And with the exceptional arsenal of books and videos that provide ‘how to’ knowledge, it certainly does seem easier and more cost efficient to do it yourself.

However, there are certain items you may want to leave to the professionals to install. Window blinds are one of them.

But aren’t these some of the easiest things in the world to install?

That all depends on the quality you’re talking about. Cheap blinds are certainly easy to install, but to install well? If you have some of those cheap store brand blinds covering your windows right now, take a look at the plastic brackets within which they sit. Are the screws in at a straight angle to the wood? Are the brackets themselves aligned square? Are the two brackets (along with any central hardware) perfectly level?

If not, you probably didn’t notice with those inexpensive, low quality blinds. However, when you begin investing in quality, you’ll notice something important: those minor issues will affect how they look and how they function.

Higher quality usually equals more weight. More weight will affect various components more easily and anything that’s not installed properly could lead to a failure of certain components before long.

So when you’re looking for have new blinds –high quality blinds- installed for your home, the best option (unless you’ve done this dozens of times in the past and know you can do it right) is to allow the company’s installers to do the work for you. That way you’ll know they are installed properly, that the warranty will be honored, and that you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years to come.