Professional Installation

Installing blinds, shades, and other window fashions can try just about anyone’s patience. Whether they are seated outside of the window frame or inside, you’ll want to have them set perfectly so that they fit in with with the rest of your home.

profession_installation1Our professional, courteous, and trained installation experts will come to your home and install your window treatments. Not only will you rest assured knowing that you’re receiving the highest quality products, but you’ll also know that they are being installed properly.

The Risks of Improper Installation

While it’s noble for homeowners to sometimes want to install blinds or shades themselves, there are inherent risks involved if the process doesn’t go smoothly. The first is causing damage to surrounding areas, such as drilling more holes than necessary, not securing heavier blinds to wall studs or frames and having them collapse over time, or damaging the window coverings in the process.

In some cases, installing the blinds on your own may void any manufacturer warranties as well.

We encourage you to take advantage of one of the best installation teams in the industry and allow us to install your window coverings for you. You’ll have peace of mind and in a short time you’ll also have the best window treatments in your home.

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“Customer Service At Its Best!”

“My experience with Myshades was extremely efficient and seamless. Within two weeks, I had the room measured, the verticals taken down for me and my brand new shades installed! I didn’t have to worry or stress about anything!

The Staff at Myshades were also very patient, and took the time to show me the different styles and patterns in the catalogue.

Customer Service at its best!”

- Sara, Liberty Village, Toronto