Commercial Services

Every business deserves to have the best outward appearance possible. Whether it’s a retail store with gorgeous show windows or an office where dozens of employees are working every single day of the week, the windows are a gateway to the outside world. Whether there are blinds, shades, drapes, or some other window treatment covering them, they can easily be overlooked.

Commercial Blind CleaningIn time, those blinds, shades, or other window coverings will require some attention. Whether it’s a thorough cleaning, repairs, or complete replacement, our commercial services are ideally suited to your business needs.

We have a team of experienced professionals who understand the value of window coverings for business of all shapes and sizes. While you certainly don’t want to invest a significant amount in these aspects of your office or store, it’s an integral part of the décor and can say a lot to your clients, customers, and team members about how much you value appearance and integrity.

Call on our services when you’re looking for rejuvenation for your business. We can show you a variety of options that match your budget.


“Keep Going Back Year After Year”

“My Shades has been a provider of window coverings, especially California shutters and  blinds, for me for several years. The reason I return is their fantastic product, their precise  measurements, careful installation, follow up service, and very pleasant/friendly manner  at all times. As well, at one time in the spring, I had a serious problem, and Jay went out  of his way to help me, setting aside his busy schedule to do so. I was so grateful for this.  I recommend this family business 100%.”

- Ilene D., Thornhill
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