Blind & Drapery Repair

MyShades offers comprehensive blind repair when the need arises. When you have an active home, with children, pets, and other hazards, damage is bound to occur. Even if you live alone and care for your blinds well, sometimes mechanisms can become damaged.

Our professionally trained repair specialists will assess the damage or cause of the blinds to cease operating and repair them if possible.

blind-repair2bThere will certainly be occasions when blinds can no longer be repaired, or when the expense of the repair outpaces the expense of replacing them. No matter where you purchased your blinds, call MyShades to have one of our professional team members assess the damage.

Some Reasons Your Blinds Could be Damaged

If someone trips and falls into drawn blinds, this can damage the individual blinds. If the cord is yanked or pulled at a hard angle, this can damage the locking mechanisms. Over time, when the blinds are opened and closed frequently, this can lead to potential problems.

No matter why your blinds are damaged, repairing them is certainly a possibility. Contact us to find out whether your blinds are able to be repaired.

Why Some Blinds Might Not be Repairable

While we stand behind our products 100%, if you purchased blinds from another manufacturer, they may have been manufactured using lead and other harmful materials. For example, blinds that are imported from China, Taiwan, Mexico, or Indonesia may contain dangerous levels of lead. Older blinds are more likely to contain harmful materials and should be replaced.

Damage that is excessive may require complete replacement as well. We’ve been in this business for more than three decades and we’ve seen just about every scenario. Call us and we’ll assess the damage and condition of your blinds. If they can be repaired, we will repair them with the most professional and cost effective blind repair service in Toronto.

“Impressed Right Off the Bat”

“My wife was impressed right off the bat with the friendly phone reception and knew right away that this was the place to go for cleaning our shades. When I entered the shop (store), I was greeted in a very friendly and professional manner. Ali DeBora asked a fellow named Jay to come in right away and he explained the process as well as a little lesson in how to re install the shades. A week later I came to pick up the now cleaned shades and they were impressively wrapped in sealed plastic, like they were new. They are now hanging up in our house and they look fabulous. In this day it is rare to find such good service, in such a friendly manner, as in your place. Thank you, well done.”

- Peter, Toronto
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