Blind & Drapery Motorization

One of the most common frustrations homeowners have when relying on blinds and drapery is having to draw them open in the morning and closed again at night. While this may not be a major burden to endure, it can become taxing, especially when you have many windows, even large windows, that overlook a great view (and you want to make sure you take advantage of that view).

pebble-remoteSo wouldn’t it be amazing to simply press a button and see them draw back, allowing the abundant and glorious sunshine in, or to shut things down for the night without having to run around to every window throughout the house?

You can have that and enjoy the benefits of high living with motorization for your blinds and drapery.

More Affordable than You Thought

One of the most common questions homeowners have when looking into the prospect of blind and drapery motorization is cost. It may sound as though this would add a significant expense onto each blind and drapery, but it’s far more affordable than you may have thought.

The best solution is to contact us to learn more about the amazing benefits of motorization for blinds and drapery. When you’re surround by these window treatments, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get them installed sooner.

“Thrilled With the Results!”

“I just had the blinds installed in my condo and I am thrilled with the results! From start to finish the process was made very easy. I must commend the entire team – Jay, Ali, Laura and Alan. Highly recommend them.”

- Terry G., Toronto
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