Blind Cleaning

Blinds not only cover your windows, blocking out harsh sunlight or filtering it perfectly, they also do something else: they act as filters. Blinds can gather all kinds of contaminants such as dust, smoke, and mold spores. Depending on the texture and materials of the blinds, they can also absorb odors, such as nicotine and cooking aromas.

Blinds also have the potential to gather bacteria on their surface, as well as cold and flu viruses.

For these reasons, it’s recommended that you have regular and professional blind cleaning services for your home.

ultrasonic blind cleaningAllergies and Blinds

One of the most common allergic reactions that people suffer from involve dust and mold spores. When you run a duster over the surface of the blind, this generally only pushes the dust into the crevices of the blinds and into the air.

MyShades blind cleaning service utilizes the latest Ultrasonic technology to remove dust and mold spores, trapping and removing them from your blinds quickly and easily. We also thoroughly clean dirt and sterilize your blinds so that you can rest comfortably knowing that your window treatments are free of these foreign and potentially harmful contaminants.

Breathe New Life into Your Existing Blinds

Regardless of the age of your blinds, MyShades blind cleaning service in Toronto can rejuvenate them and bring them back to their almost new appearance.

Before considering replacing your old, dirty blinds, or to simply refresh your beautiful selection, contact us to learn more about our advanced, professional cleaning service.

“Impressed Right Off the Bat”

“My wife was impressed right off the bat with the friendly phone reception and knew right away that this was the place to go for cleaning our shades. When I entered the shop (store), I was greeted in a very friendly and professional manner. Ali DeBora asked a fellow named Jay to come in right away and he explained the process as well as a little lesson in how to re install the shades. A week later I came to pick up the now cleaned shades and they were impressively wrapped in sealed plastic, like they were new. They are now hanging up in our house and they look fabulous. In this day it is rare to find such good service, in such a friendly manner, as in your place. Thank you, well done.”

- Peter, Stoney Creek

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